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Before we get to the solar services, the first thing we do is minimize energy costs as much as possible. We do this with energy-saving products and technologies. We may suggest installing low-energy lighting or upgrading to radiant heating. Once we've explored all of these options, we begin putting together a solar system customized to your lowered energy usage. So you can start saving more on saving.

We'll help you save

At LightPath Solar, we help our customers save as much as possible. We are experts in the solar industry and know the way to better utilities. We offer unbeatable plans and other solar services- so contact us today to schedule a free assessment of your home or business.



LED lighting is super efficient, using approximately 85% less energy than traditional lighting.


Smart Thermostats optimize your system by adapting to your heating and cooling needs.


Duct-sealing technology that improves air quality and reduces energy costs.