Here are answers to some of our most commonly asked questions. Besides this, you'll discover more information around our website- from learning about solar to seeing what governmental incentives are available.

How does a solar system work?

Sunlight hits the solar cells of your solar panels and pushes electrons out, as direct current (DC) electricity. An inverter is, then, able to change the DC current into an alternating current (AC), which you can use in your home.

How does shade affect a solar system's performance?

At night and on cloudy days, solar systems tap into a reserve energy system grid, which stores excess power from when your system produces more than it uses.

How long will a solar system last?

On average, a solar system will endure normal 'wear and tear' for at least 30 years. Some go far beyond that- such as the solar panels on the international space station, which are still producing power more than 50 years later.

How much will I save with a solar energy system?

The answer depends on a few individual factors, including but not limited to: your energy consumption; your energy utility provider's rates; and the type of solar system available to your roof's specifics.


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