Welcome. Please, have a seat. What I'm going to tell you may, or may not, shock you: electricity is just electricity. Our "product" is the same as theirs.

The difference between us and them isn't our electricity, but the way that it's produced. And with that focus, solar is far better than fossil fuel-based energy production, which is: expensive; unsustainable; and damaging to the environment. Renewable energy uses our greatest resource- the sun.

So- we, at Lightpath, will continue to work toward what we see as a net positive for our planet. And we hope that you'll join us.

Get incentives!

There are amazing tax credits and rebates available when you install a solar energy system- so let our experts show you how much you can save.

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Go green!

LightPath uses the best tools available- so that our systems best utilize our greatest renewable energy resource- the sun!

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Go Solar!

Save thousands of dollars on cheaper, cleaner electricity from your rooftop- to spend on what really matters, the things under your roof.

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Fun Fact:

Solar customers save, on average, 20% off of their electricity costs.